National Office Furniture making strides in Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Woo hoo for National!  They recently released their 2011 CSR Report (Corporate Social Responsibility Report).  We at Business Environments are happy to represent such a fine company.

You can read the whole thing here:

Here are a few highlights:


Designer Meets Chair

Meet Ryan; website designer, owner of VisualRush, super cool guy, looking to improve the 90% of his work day spent sitting at his computer with a new ergonomic task chair.

Two most important requirements?   Must look cool.  Must take care of current back pain and legs falling asleep (definitely not cool.)

I know that there are tons and tons of options, but I was surprised when he actually wanted to delve into them. Most people find them tedious.  As we went through the list of options, I found answers and information to help us choose the best one.

At the end of the road, we chose the Mitos Chair from Kimball Office-Interstuhl.  I think I am  just as satisfied with our choice as he does!  I mean, this chair is super cool.  And it seems to be a great fit.

Here are some of the particulars that we scrutinized and features of the Mitos that really seemed to fit the bill…

  1. It looks cool. With the ice grey mesh back, chrome frame and sleek design, it just. looks. cool!  The mesh back comes in two colors: the ice grey and black.  Most people choose black.  In this case, ice grey was definitely the way to go.  It says designer.
  2. The mesh back is supportive and breathable.  Ryan came in to this knowing that he wanted a mesh back option.  After a few hours in his previous chair, he noticed his back feeling hot (maybe even a little sweaty?).  The mesh on the Mitos allows air flow, and it is also a really well made, quality material.  Mesh backs are a popular option for chairs these days, but not all are created equal.
  3. The seat adjustment fits long legs.  As Ryan sat at his desk working, his legs would fall asleep.  Not a major problem in the short term.  But long term, this isn’t healthy.  Plus, it’s uncomfortable.  What he needed was some adjustment in the seat depth.  Some chairs have seats that slide back and forth to create more or less depth.  On the Mitos, the front end of the seat sort of unrolls to create more length.  This keeps Ryan’s spine aligned with the seat back and lumbar support.
  4. It’s got “Transmotion.”  There a few different mechanisms that you’ll see in the world of task chairs.  But this one is different (and patented by Interstuhl). Transmotion allows the body to be supported as it moves in the chair.  “Mitos is like taking a seat in a whole new feeling. A feeling of floating in gentle movements, of letting every movement discreetly bounce, swinging smoothly.” ( “Dynamic sitting” is very ergonomic and especially helpful for those sitting for long periods of time.  With this mechanism, the entire seat moves in an arc-shaped curve to the rear and downwards.  This changes the angle of the seat to the back at very specific ratio.

The Mitos chair was designed by Andreas Struppler for Interstuhl. Interstuhl is a german company that focuses on seating and ergonomics.  They have partnered with Kimball Office to bring their products to North America.

Check out Interstuhl’s user guide for the Mitos which includes some tips about the best way to sit. 

Tuohy Now Available at Business Environments

Elegance Works.

TUOHY: An international design and manufacturing company,
committed to bringing elegant and productive solutions
to workplace environments. BoY 2011 Winner for Xpect-II.

Xpect Collection

Xpect Collection

Edo side and swivel

Ribbon modular lounge seating

ASID Indiana Visits Kimball Office & National Office Furniture in Jasper,IN

Last week ASID Indiana visited Kimball Office and National Office Furniture in Jasper, IN.  I had suggested this trip after my training there in July of last year.  I was impressed by the facilities, the people, and the philosophies of the company and I knew others would be too.  Kimball International is a world class furniture manufacturer and we are lucky to have it right in our back yard.

Welcome to Kimball

Our day went by quickly.  We toured the Kimball Office showroom, had a lovely boxed lunch while attending a CEU about social media, toured one of the seating factories, and ended the day with a tour of the National showroom.

Alibia DeVente led our CEU about social media.  Let me tell you, she is a social media guru!  This goes way beyond what you ought to post on facebook or twitter.  Check out the course description for “Social Media for Professional Development”  here:

Gift of Inspiration

Here is one of the reasons that I love being a part of National Office Furniture and Kimball Office out of Jasper, IN.  National is giving away $25,000 to one healthcare environment.  Just giving it away!  No strings attached.  It doesn’t even need to be spent on furniture.  All you have to do is register on the website.

Click here to register:

Time to Get Down to Business…..Environments

Back in June 2011, I started at Business Environments in Evansville, IN as an interior designer and sales associate. It’s been a whirlwind for sure. I learn something new every day. I’m thinking that it’s about time I start sharing the knowledge. So, from here on, I declare a new purpose for my blog:

To become a source of information about commercial furniture and interiors!

Stay tuned!